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the blonding system



The Complete System for Out-of-the-Box Blonding


Creating beautiful blondes is easy with the right tools. The Blonding System from Paul Mitchell® Professional Hair Color provides an out-of-the-box lightening experience with brilliant, healthy-looking results. No matter what your canvas or starting level, The Blonding System will help you create the bombshell blonde of your client’s dreams.




Dual-Purpose Lightener



Dual-Purpose Lightener


On- and Off-Scalp Powder Lightener



With Paul Mitchell Dual-Purpose Lightener, take your clients from brunette to blonde with ease—even for men’s looks. Enjoy vibrant, head-turning results with single process or double process blonding.



Key Benefits

Dual Purpose - Dust-free powder lightener is perfect for on- and off-scalp blonding
Controlled, Even Lift - Fast-lifting base, combined with natural conditioning oils, lifts up to 7 levels while helping to retain moisture
and shine
Soothing Fragrance - A natural sandalwood fragrance ensures a pleasant blonding experience for your salon guests



Features You’ll Love

• Lifts up to 7 levels quickly
• Offers gentle, even lift with control
• On- or off-scalp application
• Natural conditioning agents and oils help retain moisture
• Ideal for any lightening techniques

Lighten Up




Lighten Up™


Blonding Paste



Create effortless, starlet-worthy blonde hues—even on fragile hair—with Lighten Up blonding paste. Lighten Up combines conditioners and specially balanced lifting agents for gentle on- and off-scalp lightening with red-carpet results.



Key Benefits

Rapid Lift - Specially balanced lifting agents provide fast, even lift up to 5 levels
Gentle on Hair and Scalp - Unique amino acid conditioning agents help reduce moisture loss and minimize cuticle damage while soothing aloe helps calm scalp irritation for an enjoyable client experience
Smooth Consistency - Beeswax base has a creamy texture that resists drying out and is easy to mix for effortless, flexible application



Features You’ll Love

• Lifts up to 5 levels quickly
• Suitable for on- and off-scalp blonding, especially on fine, fragile hair
• Light, fluffy texture for easy application
• Ideal for color correction and creative techniques
• Lifts on tone
• Smooth beeswax base
• Non-irritating on even the most sensitive scalps
• Resists drying out

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