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Scissor Sharpening Service

We sharpen scissors in the same way that the best Japanese manufacturers sharpen their scissors. We use a flat hone sharpening machine that has been developed by the leading Japanese manufacturers to give scissors the ultimate service.

Because we have been trained using techniques used by World renowned Japanese Scissorsmiths, in most cases we can rejuvenate scissors back to their original brand new condition.




Your scissors have an initial condition assessment

Your scissors are inspected for nicks, tip alignment, ride line integrity, set quality and tested for performance

Worn stoppers/ bumpers and washers are replaced

Your scissors are disassembled and thoroughly cleaned

The correct angle is calculated and the cutting edges are triple honed for factory quality sharpness

The ride line is re-established to give super smooth movement

The blades are polished and then finished using a chamois

Your scissors are oiled and reassembled

Your scissors have their tension set and they are quality checked.

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