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Dome Cosmetics

Dome Cosmetics was founded in the early eighties by Simon Forbes, the celebrated innovator of Antenna Hair Salon, following the enormous success of Monofibre Hair Extensions invented in his salon. His pioneering hair extensions technique was in constant demand by hairdressers and consumers alike.


Dome is committed to manufacturing and supplying the highest quality of products, training courses and service for the professional hairdressing market. The stylists, who emerge from Dome's training classes, have undergone the best education for hair extensions, with the knowledge, of having at their fingertips, the latest products and equipment to service the needs of their clients.


It is through Dome's continuous promotion in the consumer media that hair extensions have become a household word. Salons offering this service are able to give consumers high quality, with competitive prices, hair extensions.

Prolin Highlights, the pioneering innovation of Chemical Free Colour, is the latest product line from Dome. The modern way to highlight hair. A fast, quick inexpensive modern service.


Dome Hair Extensions



CHEMICAL FREE HIGHLIGHTS.......Saying NO to second hand hair! Minimize
Prolin Enhancers

Natural hair enhancers using Prolin are the modern way to highlight hair. This is a completely chemical free and hair friendly service. Instead of adding chemicals to the hair, Prolin enhancer hair is added to create beautiful highlights or lowlights, which come in a complete range of colours. A totally innovative approach to colouring, is quick and easy to apply, the colours never fade, with a whole new spectrum of colour, never available before.


The negatives of chemical hair colour do not apply; There is no damage to the natural hair, no colouring restrictions, no risk of allergic reaction, no split ends, plus guaranteed results and no timing restrictions on reapplication


Prolin mirrors the protein in natural hair, comes in a range of 24 natural shades and 16 Cult colours that are striking, unique fashion colours.


Prolin highlights are so fine that they attached invisibly at the roots without the slightest damage to give a lifting, soft, natural effect.


With the launch of Prolin Hair Enhancers, Dome has taken hair colouring into a new era. Chemical hair colour has inherent negatives: the colours fade, it is time consuming, can be damaging to the hair and there is the risk of allergic reactions. Most importantly the results are not guaranteed.


Prolin Hair Enhancers are completely chemical free and hair friendly. Plus, if like thousands of their consumers you care about the environment you will be glad to know that Dome products were "Green" before the word was invented! All our products are eco-friendly, recyclable and have not been tested on animals.


Prolin is used for highlights, lowlights, colour and volume. The results are guaranteed, the colour you see before is the colour you get in your hair! Plus they will not fade in the sun, sea or pool.


You can create subtle and natural looking changes or add funky fun colours to any hairstyle by adding Prolin Hair Enhancers, without the need for any long-term commitment. Prolin Hair Enhancers come in a range of 40 colours and take just minutes to attach or remove, without regrowth or commitment.


Prolin Hair Enhancers can be used for highlights, lowlights, colour and body. Here are just some ofthe advantages.

The results are guaranteed; the colour you see before is the colour you get in your hair.
No chemicals are used when adding colour or body meaning no damage to your natural hair.
Quick and simple to apply and remove.
Very affordable.
Colour is guaranteed never to fade even in the sun, sea or pool.


Quick results; see the difference in as little as twenty minutes.
Extremely easy to look after.
No washing out in the shower.
Exciting looks can be easily achieved.
No sensitive or allergic reactions.
Prolin hair enhancers can be applied and removed repeatedly with no damage  to the natural hair.
No re-growth or commitment.

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