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Cleansing Care

             Six Shampoos

  • 5 Wet
  • 1 Waterless

             Common features and benefits that all our shampoos have:

  • Products are all formulated to suit the pH level of 7.4 for dogs and cats as opposed to the human pH level of 5.5. Our shampoos promote healthy coats as they are formulated for our pets needs
  • They all have salon quality ingredients that include our own exclusive, botanical blends that moisturize and condition our pets skin and coat
  • They are all highly concentrated, so you use less and get more from our products. Extra value, more uses per bottle!
  • Low lather for easy rinse
  • No build up or residue in the coat after rinsing
  • All shampoos are soap free and contains surfactants to cleanse


Calming Moisturizing Shampoo

             Conditioning Formula

             Two in one shampoo

  • For dogs and cats with unmanagle, dull, dry coats
  • Rich, luxurious shampoo helps replenish and nourish dull, dry coats
  • Fortified with aloe vera gel, sweet almond oil and chamomile extracts





Super Bright Shampoo

             Brightening Formula

  • For dogs and cats with dull or flyaway coats. Excellent colour enchancer (especially for white and black coats)
  • Lightens and brightens by helping to remove yellow tones in fur. Cleanses thoroughly, leaving a sparkling clean, shiney coat
  • Fortified with pure oatmeal, chamomile and sweet almond oil. Brightening agents help neutralize the yellow cast in fur
  • Contains no bleach






Oatmeal Shampoo

             Sensitive Skin Formula

             Most popular all purpose shampoo

  • For dogs and cats with normal or dry, itchy skin
  • Relieves skin irritations, promotes healing and moisturises
  • Fortifed with pure oatmeal, aloe vera gel and sweet almond oil






Waterless Foam Shampoo


             Easy Cleansing

             Requires no water or rinsing

  • For dogs and cats that do not like having a bath. Great during the winter months
  • The thick, rich foam cleanses, moisturizes, detangles, freshens and controls dander
  • Easy to apply then comb through, brush out or wipe off
  • Exclusive blend of botanicals clean and freshen with no need for water





Tearless Puppy & Kitten Shampoo

              For Puppies and Kittens

              'The Deodoriser'

  • Designed specifically for puppies' and kittens' young, sensitive skin. Perfect for washing delicate faces of pets of all ages
  • Deodorizing formula for fresher smelling pets. Adds condition and lustre to the coat
  • Fortified with chamomile, sweet almond oil, pure oatmeal and an exclusive botanical blend that thickens the coat






Tea Tree Shampoo

              Treatment Shampoo

              Cools and Soothes

  • For dogs and cats with skin irritations
  • Environmentally safe. With natural Australian Tea Tree oil to help relieve and soothe
  • DOES NOT CONTAIN DEET, pyrethrins, synthetic pyrethroids or permethrin, therefore is safe to use with flea treatments







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