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Dive yourself in the complete well-being, in a world of products, rituals and exclusive services for your salon. Immerse yourself in the depths of the sea, in the life force of the algae, in the ancient and miraculous properties of the trace elements. Sink into an experience that involves all the senses, who lives in the gestures and rituals, which turns your salon into a SPA Experience.


EKSperience offers you a world of knowledge, products, tools and skills to transform the service in the salon in a SPA Experience.





Surgivamarine is the product line EKSperience that exploits the properties of the sea to meet the desire of healthy hair. At home or in the salon. Each formulation is based on an exclusive and innovative complex acting on the life cycle of the hair, the AQUAMARIS COMPLEX, a concentrate of seaweed, spring sea water and trace elements that nourishes the hair and provides an always available reserve of energy




Marine Cream Oil

Marine Cream Oil, a precious cream made from Jojoba, Argan, Macadamia and Coconut oils.

Benefits: it wraps the hair in a moisturising, glossy embrace.

It nourishes deep down thanks to Jojoba, Argan, Macadamia and Coconut oils and protects thanks to UV filters


How to use it

apply a small amount on the

lengths of the hair and on the ends


Pack: 100 ml tube





Marine Shower Shampoo

Marine Shower Shampoo a delicate wash for body and hair.

Benefits: removes all traces of salt, chlorine and sun products. A true energetic reawakening for your beauty.


How to use it: gently massage all over wet body and hair and then rinse


Pack: 250 ml bottle


Water Based Wax

Hair wax, ideal for short hair and for a sculpted look. A styling wax, extremely light on the hair, with strong hold.

Benefits: ideal for short hair, for a trendy wet look; it protects the hair thanks to a sun filter.

How to use it: melt a small amount between the hands and smooth through hair


Pack: 100 ml jar


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